Meet our Team

Tiffany Hamilton

Tiffany Hamilton


Tiffany brings over 15 years experience in the Service Industry in the fields of HVAC, Plumbing and Electric. As Operations Manager, Tiffany manages sales, purchases and day to day operations specializing in HVAC preventive maintenance sales and management, contract management, contract negotiation and building operations management. Her vast knowledge of the service industry includes project management of the WMATA Redline Rehab Project and commercial HVAC service management and coordination. She holds an OSHA 30 card amongst other qualifications.

Hayward Hinkhaus

Hayward Hinkhaus

Senior Project Manager

Hayward brings his 20 years of experience in the field of HVAC and Plumbing expertise to his position of Service Coordinator at Innovative Mechancial Systems. As service coordinator, hayward manages equipment purchases, as well as managine larger service and install projects. Some of Hayward's qualifications include:

  • Master Plumbing license in MD, DC, and VA
  • Master HVAC license in MD and VA
  • Variable Refrigerant System design certification
  • Backflow Preventor certification
Justin Ropka

Justin Ropka

Service Supervisor

Justin Ropka exercises his outstanding leadership skills as service supervisor at Innovative Mechanical Systems. As the service supervisor, Justin assists in coordinating manpower for service and install jobs. In addition, Justin assists technicians in the field on service jobs with technical support. Justin brings over eight years of HVAC and Plumbing expertise to the team as he manages service calls, retrofits, and installations. Some of Justin's qualifications include:

  • Journeyman HVAC and Plumbing Licenses
  • Variable Frequency Drive service and commissioning
  • Variable Refrigerant Systems
  • Hot water and steam boiler service and repair
  • Modulating boiler service
David McAfee

David McAfee

HVAC service technician

David McAfee brings over 14 years of trade experience in HVAC to the team as an HVAC service technician. David McAfee has performed many chiller overhauls, chiller retrofits, boiler rebuilds and replacements, energy efficiency upgrades and system redesigns. In addition to over nine years of teaching HVAC for the union apprenticeship, David also has several certifications including:

  • Master HVAC license in MD, DC, and VA
  • MCS controls and Hanbell retrofit
  • Hot water and steam boiler service and repair
  • Modulating boiler service and commissioning
  • Chiller overhaul and retrofit
  • System design and retrofit
  • Variable Frequency Drives
  • Danfoss Turbocore compressors
Chris Grasso

Chris Grasso


Chris Grasso is an apprentice in the HVAC field with Innovative Mechanical Systems. Chris assists service technicians with system retrofits and replacements, preventive maintenance, compressor replacements, and much more. Chris also has several years of experience in control system installation and service prior to his HVAC training. His qualifications include:

  • CFC 1, 2, 3
  • CFC Universal
  • Daiken VRV
  • Mitsubishi City Multi